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PAX 2009: Weekly Geek Meetup at Six Arms on Friday!

Six Arms by  five inch pixie on flickr

When: Friday, September 4th @7:00 PM
Where: Six Arms

We're going to be at the Six Arms brewery on Friday, giving out Weekly Geek buttons and stickers, eating some burgers and enjoying a pint. Won't you join us?

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Photo credit: fiveinchpixie on flickr

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Practical Alchemy: Onion-Gorgonzola "Caprese"

Onion-Gorgonzola caprese
The crisp bite bite of a sweet onion balanced by sour cream and Gorgonzola, all layered beautifully with tomato and basil into a not-so-classic caprese salad. This delicious blast of flavor is mere minutes away from gracing your hungry mouth. Being new to cooking I don't feel bound by conventional ingredients, and as such started experimenting with the classic insalata caprese to create my own spiritual successor.

No need to wait to make one of your own - let's make these drop dead simple 5-minute appetizers here and now. Click through to follow along with the delicious.

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The Furniss Dance

Every week, your inimitable podcast host, Mr. Chris Furniss, does a little dance to appease the Gods and bring good fortune in the hopes that we will have yet another mind-blowingly excellent podcast.

As any listener can tell you, this works like fucking gangbusters.

This week I decided to share Mr. Furniss' glorious Podcastdance with the world, that we might all know the beauty that is a wriggling anorexic manchild.

Go on, bask in his epic glory. If this doesn't make you want a Furniss of your own, nothing will.

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Podcast for 08.31.09 | PAXsplosion 2009!


A Penny Arcade Expo approaches! Command? This week I am joined by the esteemed mister Qais Fulton, the always dapper Ross Rosenberg, and the fabulous miss Jinny Koh to talk about this year's Penny Arcade Expo festivities. We talk about the crazy variety of things to do during the sold-out convention, the Weekly Geek meet-up, what we're cosplaying as (!) and other PAX-related things. In addition, we talk news! Disney acquired Marvel, EVE online's had some sort of virtual money banking scam, Professor Layton is ruling our lives and Batman: Arkham Asylum is waaaaay better than expected.

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New Author's Version

Kupperman - New Author's Version

Michael Kupperman writes:

A gentleman in Connecticut had been buying magazines- mostly men's magazines- for several decades, from the forties to the early seventies- and deconstructing them. He would take them apart, and then he would make a new magazine from the remnants of several, arranging the pages to highlight certain stories and downplay others. He would staple the pages back into the cover, and then he would cross out whatever stories weren't in his version with a wax pencil. Finally he would stamp his name on the cover and number the whole thing, presumably for his "library."

Quite a sharp contrast to the scanned comic backups I've been consuming this month. Absent are the yellowed pages, dog-eared spreads, and general abuse / defacement that naturally translate to affection. I'll take what I can get out here but it's like comparing a fluorescent buzz to the sun.

I agree with Mr. Kupperman (certainly you own and treasure a copy of Snake 'n' Bacon, right?) in the value of his score, an inorganic snapshot of a different generation combined with one member's personal interpretation by way of amorphous grease pencil and personalized stamp.

As I type my external hard drives grow hot to the touch and I imagine the satisfying drag of a melting was pencil across its aluminum chassis, making my mark should any happen across it decades from now.

You can see more of these scanned covers, an admitted source of inspiration to one of my favorite comic authors, here.

[via Michael Kupperman]

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Made Of Myth


Tetris by Marc da Cunha Lopes

When Alexei Pajitnov first ordered a load of bricks from Karpov Abramtsevo's workshop, workers there were wondering who could be interested in all those right-angled blocks. No one in 1985 could have imagined those concrete Tetriminos would become world famous and constitute Russia's deadliest weapon against Reagan's America.

A series of images by Marc da Cunha, for AMUSEMENT, depicting the industrial underpinnings of some of our most treasured videogames; revealing the toil, sweat, and craftsmanship that goes into their construction. We may call these games but, as you can see, they are indeed serious business.

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Weekly Geek Flickr Pool Finds

Phaedra Computing

T-shirt winner! Phaedra Computing - My two year old geeking out - by skinnerofmonkies

Every week we feature our community members' excellent photography culled from our Flickr pool. Why not submit your own geeky or otherwise interesting photos to the Weekly Geek Flickr Pool? You'll get your photo featured on the site with the added incentive that I'll pick one photo a week to win a Weekly Geek T-Shirt. Runners up get some sweet Weekly Geek swag. Click here to join!

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Dear Otterbox


Podcaster, life streamer, and long time friend Jessica Mullen has a few things she wants her broken Otterbox to know:

Dear Otterbox,

I can't believe it's over, just like that. One day, things are going fine. Sure, you're dirty, but I always know you're clean on the inside (cream on the outside?). Then you start changing. Falling apart. Losing pieces of your self. Your cute little rubber port protector flaps, it almost seems like you have that disorder where you want to be an amputee. Then one day (at the beach no less), I discover a chunk of your skeleton is gone forever. Maybe I was too rough with you. But you begged for it! I could drop you from the top of the fridge and you liked it. Yeah, your rubber started getting a tiny bit stretched out. But your delicious skin was the most comforting fidget device I didn't realize I needed so bad.

My new case is a bitch, total rebound case. She has like, zero traction. You always stayed firmly connected to the surface you were on, this CapsuleRebel slides around like a floozy. A floozy with oozing sores on her plastic peeling face. Did I mention her face was self-adhesive?! Christ, I want a sturdy case because I'm clumsy! Do you really think I can get that sticker on straight, sans cat litter?!

Otterbox, I think we should give us another chance. I feel lost and vulnerable without you ...and your bulk.

Take care of yourself ok? Get that crack patched up and maybe we can talk.

Devoted love,

ps. didn't you say you had a sister? a PINK one?

In the 2 years I've been sporting Otterbox cases my evangelical wiles have seen no less than 8 converts to this ruggedized religion. While several of my ilk inhabit harsh, unforgiving climes (there are 4 such cases not 20 feet from where I am typing) it was Jessica that was able to utterly destroy what I previously marked as indestructible.

DearOtterbox_Right.jpgThe product's finer points are addressed above, and I'll maintain that the latest case design remains a sound buffer between my iPhone and the super-heated talcum-powder dust bath it's exposed to every day. Aside from a change in the belt clip between 2G and 3G/3GS models there is little room for improvement for those seeking a stout protection for their most often used gadgets.

Suggestions should be made, however, to the folks over in R&D at Otterbox. Forget military contractors in Iraq or Afghanistan when stress testing, seek out instead Austin-based super users like Jessica to see if your gear can stand up to trials of real rigor.

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Practical Alchemy: The Omelet

Omelets are a quick, easy, and delicious way to start or end the day. Fluffy yellow eggs with a hint of butter wrapped around fresh vegetables or succulent bits of meat. After a long day at work the omelet's simplicity and ease of cooking (and single pan cleanup) make for a quick nutritious meal.

Julia Child has been referred to as the ambassador of the omelet and I must admit that the video below inspired this post. Check it out, then click through the jump for a few variations on her delicious 20 second French-style recipe.

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Podcast for 08.24.09 | Tangenital


PAX is rapidly approaching, Blizzcon came and went, and we've got a great batch of games to talk about on this week's show. This week I am joined by Ross, Qais and Jinny to discuss all the aforementioned happenings, as well as the big gay Shadow Complex debate and more. Lots more. Too much to mention. I also admit to crying at a movie. Quit hassling me, man!

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