We're a geek culture podcast and blog covering video games, music, food and more. We are the kinds of people who evangelize whatever we are into - it could be anything - but it's usually pretty geeky. We're casual, conversational, NSFW and hopefully interesting. We hope you enjoy it.

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Send all general inquiries to mailbag@weeklygeekshow.com. If it's relevant, you might even get your letter read on the air. Joy!

Guest posting, podcast inquiries

The geeks are always excited to have the opportunity to be guests on other podcasts, or to write guest posts for blogs. It doesn't hurt to ask!

Chris Furniss, Editor-in-chief | chris@weeklygeekshow.com

Business, game review and advertising inquiries

Have a business or advertising inquiry? Want to send us your game for review? Interested in our plans for world domination through lemur mind control?

Jinny Koh, Business Manager | jinny@weeklygeekshow.com

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Past Contributors and thanks

We'd like to thank the following people for their contributions to the site, both large and small:

Grant Darigol, Amy Darigol, Max Brooks, Mike Wiegand, Sparky, Steve Saunders, John Forster, Nevery, Mack Reider-Johnson, Laurel Fuller, Colette Bennett, Niero Gonzalez, Flynn DeMarco and the folks at SplitReason. Also mega super thanks to Tettix for our theme song.

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