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The End of The Weekly Geek is Nigh

There used to be art hereWe've mentioned it a few times on the podcast, but I'd like to officially state it here to answer questions and clarify some things and maybe give a few shout outs and reminisce and cry a little bit. The Weekly Geek is going on indefinite hiatus after episode 300. Which will be sometime in January.

The reason: Jinny and I are having a kid in February and we're not exactly sure how much time or energy we're going to have to produce a weekly podcast. I'm guessing the answer will be none, but you never know. To be safe, we're giving ample time to wrap up the show. We're closing in on 300 mp3 files in the RSS feed, so I figured episode 300 was a good stopping place.

This post is going to be a bit rambly, but bear with me.

I am still undecided as to what kind of special show to do for episode 300. One thing that's always been important to us over the years has been how the community has grown with us. We have multiple listeners who write in who started listening to the show as teenagers, and are now adults. It blows my mind, and really makes me feel proud of what we've accomplished. You've written in with stories of learning how to cook because of us, of trying a game you'd never have thought of trying because of us, of getting newfound courage to stand up to bullies because of us, of discovering your new favorite band because of us. The fact that around 3,000 people tune in every week just to hang out with us is astounding to me. I deeply realize the importance of having that familiarity, and when I think about the show ending and not being that for you anymore, it makes me sad. This has been an incredibly difficult decision.

I'd love it if you wrote in with your stories about how the show has impacted you. We love reading mailbag, and this is a good opportunity for a retrospective. Maybe you're a listener who has never written in, we'd love to hear from you.

Maybe you're one of those people who download and listen to old shows from years past. Write in with your favorite moments from the show, maybe even with a sound clip. We'll play it on air and reminisce with you.

The website will still exist. I'll keep the lights on so you can still download all the past episodes going back to around 2005. And we may even come back every once in a while for a random blog post or a music podcast. We've been kicking around the idea of doing a video podcast cooking show, as well. You never know. Maybe after we have the kid we'll feel compelled to share stories and tips on parenting. If one thing's for sure it's that we're restless and deeply enjoy being a part of this community.

I'll save the kudos and credits for a later time. For now, what would you like the final episode of The Weekly Geek to be?

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