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February 2010 Archives

Gravy Is On Board: New T-shirt Alert!

Gravy is the center of the universe. It's a bold statement, yes, but it's the way things ought to be. While I will spare you my lengthy manifesto about gravy, I will remind you that we've been talking about a new shirt in The Weekly Geek store for weeks. That's right, we aren't the dirty, filthy liars you thought we were--the shirt is finally available! Huzzah! Oh yeah, we have a shirt for that too.

While I own an older version of this shirt already, I'm making a beeline to buy another one because there is always room for more gravy. Special thanks to Brian from SplitReason for making this girl's gravy dream a reality.

Shirts are $18.95 plus shipping and absolutely worthy of showing off your devotion to gravy in style. Do it.


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Podcast for 02.22.10 | Mass Affected


Please to be joining Jinny, Ross, Qais and myself on this week's podcast, where we discuss the usual assortment of things. This week we talk about Civilization games and the announcement of Civilization 5, the new Borderlands DLC, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Plants vs. Zombies for the iPhone, the new Venture Bros toys, and privacy concerns raised by the website PleaseRobMe.com.

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Podcast for 02.15.10 | How Am I Going To Get The Lettuce To Support Your Internet Fetish?


This week's podcast has Ross, Qais and Jinny joining me in a heated discussion about Google's imminent takeover of humanity, and how social networking is the most efficient form of human communication. We also discuss lighter topics such as new games for the iPhone, Mattel's new "Computer Engineer" Barbie, Mass Effect 2, Crackdown 2, Bioshock 2, and the swanky party Jinny and I threw this past weekend, which featured a neat DIY photo booth you can make yourself! The song for this week is "Harmonix" by Surfer Blood. Enjoy!

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Podcast for 02.08.10 | Shocking


This week's all about game news - big announcements about Fallout: New Vegas and Sonic the Hedgehog 4, World of Warcraft's auction house app for the iPhone, Mass Effect 2, and a little game called Bioshock 2. We also discuss the new (final!) season of LOST (spoiler-free, for your sanity), faulty game consoles, soundtracks on vinyl, and the song of the week! Join me, Jinny and Qais for this week's dose of geekery.

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Podcast for 02.01.10 | Truly Magical


A new Apple product was released this week, and you all know we can't avoid talking about it on the show. Join me, Jinny, Qais and Ross in discussing Apple's new unfortunately-named product and what it means for YOU, the consumer. We also discuss the eternal blackness of space, Beethoven's skull, videogames new and old and much more. Oh! Don't forget to stay for the unrepentant misogyny. And the single of the week. I am sure you'll find it... truly magical.

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