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Fallout Cosplay Accoutrements: Make your own Nuka Cola bottlecaps, Buffout and Med-X

Buffout, med-x, nuka cola caps

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It's no secret that I enjoy dressing up like video game characters at PAX. This year, I'm dragging Jinny along for a joint Fallout cosplay. I'll be posting the costumes (and instructions on how to make them!) but first, let's talk accessories. Nothing ties a costume together like attention to detail, so I decided to whip up some little Fallout doo-dads to stuff in our belts. I've made some Nuka-Cola caps, a bottle of Buffout, and some Med-X. And you can, too! Here's how to do it:

Nuka Cola Caps

You'll need: Bottlecaps (I like the caps from Session beer, but any caps will work), rubber cement, this template (right click, save as.).

Print the template and cut out the cap tops. Paint some rubber cement on the underside of the paper and on the top of the bottlecap. Let it dry. This technique allows for maximum adhesion. Be sure to get the edges! Touch up the sides with some red paint. Use a spray sealant (matte or gloss, doesn't matter) to make them shine.


You'll need: Small syringes, spray paint (get the stuff formulated especially for plastic)

Paint the syringes. Easy!


You'll need: A medium-sized plastic medicine bottle, rubber cement, this template (right click, save as. You know the drill.).

Print out the template to the size of your bottle. I've made the template a standard size, but you can shrink it to fit any size bottle you'd like. If your bottle isn't black, you can always spraypaint it. Buffout bottles in-game are black with a white lid, but really any bottle will do. Use the same cementing technique for the label you used on the bottlecaps. Fill with candy and give to small children! They'll love the sweet delicious taste of Buffout.

Up next: Wasteland wanderer costume, Raider costume and some nice shiny glowy Nuka Cola Quantum. Stay tuned!

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