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The Source Fource


Meet Office Master and Windows Vista Sensei. They are members of "The Source Fource" a group of super heroes that represent different software applications offered by Microsoft, including such luminaries as ISV Super Gal, a young lady who's family made their money in beef and who left in disgrace after a particularly embarrassing cafeteria faux pas and the cleverly named Virtual Labs Guy, a gentleman who seems to have tried to sodomize a piece of heavy machinery at some point in his life and is now a paraplegic with a set of wheels cruelly fused to the bottom of his torso.

There are seven of these characters, making the misspelling of "force" appear merely perfunctory for, as we all know, nothing says "hip" and "cool" like puns. What's more, there are figurines of all them which can only be received by signing up for MSDN® Webcasts and Virtual Labs and attending events on these services. A few seem to have been given away and are now lost to you forever, but do not despair there are more on the way.

[Link via Super Punch]

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