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Podcast for 01-21-08 | Bizzleteats


The week doesn't officially start until someone gets called Bizzleteats, and The Weekly Geek satisfies in this epic episode. Qais, Chris and Colette are here to give you awkward nicknames, talking about mainstream media's view of gaming, proper parenting, and the NPD video game industry sales numbers asking the time-honored question: why is the PS2 still selling so well? A contest is also announced, so be sure to stay tuned until the end of the podcast! Or, you know. Fast forward to the end to get the meaty details. So meaty.

Download the podcast here and subscribe to the feed to get updates every Monday. Show notes and contest details after the jump.

Popcap contest - come up with your own cover art for a made up Popcap game. Samples names:

Kerfufflepop 2
Qais Fulton Gem Explosion
Bizzleteats 2000

Send entries to contest@weeklygeekshow.com

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